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Welcome to all new freshers coming to Cambridge! Come long to Ta Bouche on 11/11/16 for a night of free cocktails.

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About Mooting with CULS

What is Mooting?

A moot is an oral argument on a point of law in mock court proceedings. Students aim to present a persuasive and succinct argument to a judge, who, in internal competitions, is usually a Masters or PhD student. Each mooter has a set time to present his or her legal arguments, rebut those of his or her opponent, and answer questions asked by the judge. Points are awarded for advocacy skills, quality of argument and legal research – even if the law is against you.

Mooting is one of the best ways to improve your skills as a lawyer. It builds confidence and creativity, and develops your knowledge of the law, legal research skills, and ability to argue. No prior experience in public speaking or debating is required. Indeed, while mooting attracts many keen debaters, its emphasis on technical argument over rhetoric also attracts those who usually avoid public speaking.

There are plenty of ways to moot in Cambridge. Click here to find out more, or email Chee Ching Sik and Sandamini Ethakada, Mistress and Master of Moots respectively, at [email protected].