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Cambridge Law Students Create the “World’s Most Advanced Legal Chatbot”

Article contributed by The LawBot Team.

Over the summer, Cambridge law students Ludwig Bull, Rebecca Agliolo, Jozef Maruscak, and Nadia Abdul have developed the world’s most advanced legal chatbot: LawBot.



Whether you’ve been the victim of a crime, or are simply curious about how the law relates to you, LawBot provides free, accessible information on the criminal law. LawBot asks users a series of questions to determine whether they have been the victims of a crime. Currently, the chatbot covers 26 offences under its ‘Criminal Justice Project’, and is expanding every day.

However, LawBot is more than just a chatbot. It also provides:

  • Summary In Legal Language

Once users discuss their situation with LawBot, it can summarise the information in legal language. If users decide to contact the police, the legal summary can help the police easily ascertain the nature of the crime, and could potentially save time in lengthy, uncomfortable questions.

  • Find your nearest police station

LawBot can now help users find their closest police station. The team is working on adding a ‘map’ feature – check back soon!

  • Personalized Responses

LawBot is designed to be as empathetic as (humanly) possible. The introduction of randomized responses ensures that no two conversations will ever be the same.

The team is working on teaching LawBot ‘emotions’ – soon, it will be able to recognize if you sound angry or sad, and comfort you accordingly. At present, LawBot treats users with compassion and sensitivity, assuring them “this wasn’t your fault” and apologizing for the difficult questions.

  • LawBot Blog

The LawBot blog publishes articles and news on the criminal law. From providing detailed information on SARC centres, to engaging in debates surrounding consent, the blog is an additional platform for users to learn about the law and its applicability to them.


LawBot translates legal knowledge – which is shrouded in complex ‘legalese’ and rendered incomprehensible for non-lawyers – into readily accessible, easily understandable legal information.

The insurgence of AI technology into the legal profession comprises one of the most daunting (yet swiftly approaching) revolutions in a profession that has remained virtually static for millennia.  The team hopes that LawBot will spur the profession into acknowledging this impending revolution. Most importantly, LawBot’s mission is to enhance access to justice; let’s change the future of justice together.


Feel free to check LawBot out at http://lawbot.info.

If you would like to get in touch, please email [email protected].