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Freshers' Cocktails

Welcome to all new freshers coming to Cambridge! Come long to Ta Bouche on 11/11/16 for a night of free cocktails.

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CULS Fresher Rep Applications are open!

Apply to be on one of the largest society committees in Cambridge.

A CULS Fresher rep is placed within one of our core departments:

  • Socials
  • Careers
  • Pro Bono
  • Speakers
  • Law Ball
  • Publicity
  • Merchandise
  • Foreign Affairs

You will receive first-hand training on how your respective department runs, and get hands-on involvement in projects and events put on by the department. This might involve organising and managing a budget of several thousand for a social, through to liaising with Supreme Court Justices for a speakers event. You really will be at the centre of some of the high-profile activities the Society is famous for.

All subjects are welcome to apply.

CULS has the best links of any Society in Cambridge with law firms and chambers, and a CULS position on your CV enhances greatly an application form for a vac scheme, training contract, or mini-pupillage.

You will also get access to committee perks, like pre-reserved law ball tickets and socials.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved early in a Society at Cambridge. Many of our fresher reps last year went on to become heads of department for this year. Indeed the current President originally joined as a fresher rep.

Applications close on the 14th October.

Apply here

You must be a CULS member to be a Fresher Rep. Join here!