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Welcome to all new freshers coming to Cambridge! Come long to Ta Bouche on 11/11/16 for a night of free cocktails.

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Starting at Cambridge as an international student

Written by Jeremy Ng (Christs), our American Affairs Secretary.

Seven things I would tell international students going into their first year of law:

  1. Don’t worry about being from a foreign jurisdiction – everyone starts from scratch and your experience in another legal system may even give you a unique perspective in some subjects, particularly Constitutional law.
  2. Law at Cambridge attracts students from all over the world, from Sweden to Singapore, so don’t worry about being the only international fresher in your year!
  3. Take part in CULS socials and dinners. Many of the UK’s most prestigious law firms send representatives to these events so use this chance to build your network. Any contacts you make during this time are invaluable, even if you plan on returning home to practice law.
  4. If you plan on returning to your home jurisdiction to practice law, make sure you know which conversion exams you may have to take, even if you’re from a Commonwealth nation.
  5. Don’t worry if you didn’t have the opportunity to study law in high school. Although some students from the UK do take A Level law, at Cambridge the course moves so fast that you won’t be put at any relative disadvantage.
  6. Studying law at Cambridge puts you only 50 minutes away from one of the largest legal hubs in the world. Take advantage of this: apply for open days at London law firms or just take a day trip to experience the city for yourself!
  7. And finally: when you go back home for Christmas, only take the books you *absolutely* need to revise for mocks, or else you will be forced to repack your textbooks into a cardboard box in front of everyone at the check-in counter at Heathrow!